Laptop Cart Troubleshooting Tips


How - To

1)           Sign out sheet for laptops.  Accountability for laptops.

2)           Locking the cart and taking the keys

3)           Logging in -3 times a failure!

4)           Stetting up additional computers – open at least 3 others to work with

5)           Using Synchronize

6)           Saving to teacher shared and printing

7)           Using a projector with the laptop cart

8)           Grading assignments from a shared network directory.
Burning a CD for grading and presentations.

9)           Using a CD module on the PC

10)       Saving a weblinks page to a shared directory

11)       Using digital images – saving to a shared directory for students to insert into presentations




12)       When the Internet doesn't work check the hub on the back of the cart.

13)       Saving to Teacher Shared when teacher shared doesn’t work

14)       When the printer doesn't work, save to teacher shared, or save to floppy

15)       Saving to a floppy disk and printing

16)       Setting up Spanish Language Tools in MSOffice

17)       Setting up the proxy numbers – check out the logon.